Our story

Richard Harrington – Founder & CEO

Richard “Richie” Harrington is the Founder and CEO of Adapt Brands, the Santa Monica-based health and wellness company that is pioneering hemp-infused superfood beverages and supplements with an emphasis on healthy living.

“Born and raised in Santa Monica, CA, I moved away from Los Angeles to attend school and play football at Oregon State University. After a string of injuries ended my athletic career and left me plenty of post-surgery stiffness, muscle and joint inflammation, I turned to cannabis products, cannabidiol specifically, as an alternative to opioid medications.

After college, I continued to deal with the same issues and sought a way to take control of my health for good, as well as having started experimenting with different types of phytocannabinoid products as a natural alternative to opioids.

I started to use organic superfood powder blends, instead of using synthetic supplements, as a way to boost my energy levels, and supplement my daily intake with concentrated micronutrients to help fuel my body and keep me moving throughout the day.

I began to see cannabinoid-rich products and superfoods as the perfect marriage: cannabinoids for pain and muscle soreness management , as well as cognitive function support, and Superfoods to boost energy, metabolism and overall health and wellness. From this realization, Adapt Brands was born.

Adapt is my passion, born out of a vision to create an alternative wellness solution that offered benefits that no other superfood or Hemp product on the market could match.

Richie Harrington – Founder/CEO