4 Incredible Benefits of Adaptogens - Maca Root


4 Incredible Benefits of Adaptogens - Maca Root

Looking for increased energy and stamina?  Then you need some maca root in your life! Maca is a cruciferous vegetable with a slightly earthy, nutty taste. It is in the same family as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kale- and comes with a long history of medicinal and culinary uses in Peru! Maca is low in fat, is a good source of carbs and protein and is high in essential vitamins like C, iron, and copper! Not only is maca known in increase libido and fertility, it’s great at enhancing mood and increasing performance while training or playing sports! Maca is one small part of what makes @VaitalOrganics SUPERCHARGE the perfect preworkout on the go! 


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