Our Story

A background on our founder and our mission to combat synthetic beverages, supplements, and opioids.

Who are we?

Adapt Brands is forward-thinking superfood company specializing in creating functional, plant-based products to provide natural and great-tasting alternatives to synthetic beverages, supplements, and opioids. Launched in January of 2020, Adapt survived COVID and is excited to be launching in LA again in March 2022.

Why Adapt?

We created Adapt Brands to be a brand that can live at the intersection of health and wellness and deliver a clean, hydrating, plant-based superfood beverage that helps you recover faster, think clearly and build natural immunity.

Our Products

Innovated from personal experiences, our product, Adapt SuperWater, is an enhanced hydration beverage created for athletes looking for a natural alternative to traditional synthetic beverages. Our functional beverage is 100% Pure coconut water infused with 25mg of hemp per bottle, and are formulated specifically to boost immunity and help you recover quicker.

Founder Story

Born and raised by two entrepreneurs in Santa Monica, CA, Richie learned what it takes to run a business at a young age.  Upon moving away to attend college and play football at Oregon State University, Richie had a string of injuries end his athletic career. Richie turned to hemp and cannabis products as an alternative to opioid medications given by his surgeons.

After College, Richie joined his Father’s company, Maui and Sons, where he served as the Marketing and Ecommerce Director for 2.5 years, including launching the company’s DTC channel (mauiandsons.com).

In 2018, Richie met an experienced Superfood formulator who had been experimenting with cannabis and hemp products as a natural alternative to opioids. Richie saw an opportunity with these new alternative superfoods which possessed functional traits such as pain and inflammation management, cognitive function support, a boost of energy, boost metabolism, and providing mental clarity. In January of 2020, Richie launched Adapt with the mission to combat synthetic drinks, supplements, and opioids on the market with functional superfoods. 

Needing to put the business on hold due to COVID, in June of 2020 Richie joined Power Brands – the leading Beverage Consulting firm in the US. Here he learned first-hand what it takes to successfully and efficiently launch a beverage company. Richie quickly worked his way up the ranks in multiple departments including ideation, formulation, material procurement, warehousing, inventory, production, 3PL/4PL, repacking, sales, marketing, & eCommerce.

And After the last 18 months working directly with the CEO & 25+ year industry expert, Darin Ezra, Richie is has left his role as Operations Manager and will implement the skills and learnings in pursuit of his dream: creating healthy alternatives to synthetic beverages, supplements, and opioids products on the market today.

Adapt Brands was started to help combat synthetic beverages, supplements and opioids with natural, plant-based alternative products with real functional benefits, promoting a healthy way to live!