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Plant-based Powder Supplement

For daily nutritional needs for those on the go, there’s Vaital SUPERFOOD by Adapt

The perfect way to assimilate phytonutrient, green superfoods into your daily routine in an easy-to-take mix! SUPERFOOD by Adapt is a infused, superfood blend with 13mg of Hemp and concentrated superfoods combined with non-GMO, plant-based proteins, delivering the ideal nutrients that the body can assimilate and keep you firing on all cylinders.

SUPERFOOD integrates veggies like broccoli, spinach, and kale, along with anti-oxidizing super-fruits like blueberries, goji berries and açai berries all helping to manage body soreness and fatigue, while naturally increasing body’s immune system.

– Contains powerful superfoods that help the body adjust to the stresses and strains of exercise while boosting energy, improving endurance and vitality.


Single Serving $1.99/packet
Box of 10 $15 ($1.50/packet)
Box of 20 $25 ($1.25/packet)

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Weight .35 oz
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Single Serving, 10 Count Box, 20 Count Box

1 review for SUPERFOOD – GREENS

  1. Elena, 43

    I take Adapt Superfood Products daily because their supplement powders deliver easy-to-stomach greens and adaptogens that I know my body needs to be able to function on a daily basis, in a tasty powder that takes on the taste of whatever it is mixed with. I add mine to my favorite protein shake everyday.

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