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Plant-Based Energy Supplement

SUPERCHARGE your daily activities with our energy-boosting formula

The ideal workout, enhancer, stress reliever and caffeine alternative!
SUPERCHARGE by Adapt, is an adaptogenic, CBD-infused superfood blend with 19mg Hemp CBD, designed to increase energy, boost mood and fuel your daily activities. Whether you’re an athlete, a coffee addict or just seeking more energy, SUPERCHARGE gives you that extra boost of nutrition and stamina you need.

– SUPERCHARGE contains anti-oxidizing and phytonutrient adaptogens, herbs and medicinal mushrooms intended to help the body adjust to the stresses and strains of exercise while boosting energy, endurance and fortitude.

– Designed to enhance focus, mood, and vitality in a healthy, natural way.

Single Serving $4.49/packet
Box of 10 $42.50 ($4.25/packet)
Box of 20 $80 ($4/packet)

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Weight .35 oz
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Single Serving, 10 Count Box, 20 Count Box


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