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Adapt Athletes: Meet Our Starting Lineup! (Part 1)

Adapt Athletes: Meet Our Starting Lineup! (Part 1)


One of the best parts of my job as CEO/Owner of Adapt Brands is talking with athletes – professional and amateur – about their backgrounds, their passion for their sport, their workout regimens, and products that are an important part of their daily routine. When I first created the brand, it was important to me to sponsor athletes who believed in my mission and vision for the beverage, athletes who also believed in the power of superfoods and functional ingredients, including Hemp-CBD. 

Two months after the official launch of the beverages, I’m excited to introduce Adapt’s Starting Lineup. I believe that healthy, low-sugar food and beverage products with real ingredients and minimal additives are the best options for all types of athletes, and they do too. 

Kyle Allen

Scottsdale, Arizona native Kyle Allen currently plays quarterback for the Houston Texans. Kyle’s success at QB started early; as a high school player, he had 86 passing touchdowns and threw for over 8,000 yards. Before signing with the Carolina Panthers in 2018, Kyle played college ball at Texas A & M and the University of Houston. After two years with the Panthers, Kyle signed with the Washington Football Team and played with them for two years. The 2022-23 season will be his first with the Texans. 

Why Kyle is Part of Team Adapt: 

“I believe in Richie’s vision and in the product. I think the sports drink market is crowded, but Adapt is innovative. Being NSF certified is so important as an athlete, and I really believe in the benefits of hemp/CBD products. I think just from drinking Adapt post practice in the heat of Houston, I can tell the difference in my recovery.”

Tejay Antone

Oklahoma City native Tejay Antone is a MLB relief pitcher currently playing for the Cincinnati Reds. Tejay played high school baseball for Mansfield Legacy High School in Texas, and was drafted by the Mets after graduation but chose not to sign. Instead, he attended TCU and Weatherford College and was drafted in 2014 by the Reds. After playing in the minors for five years and recovering successfully from Tommy John surgery in 2017, Tejay made his major league debut in July of 2020 and was the best relief pitcher in the Reds’ bullpen in 2021. 

Why Tejay is Part of Team Adapt: “I wanted to get involved with Adapt because I tried the product myself and loved it. I added it to my daily routine because I believe in the product. Adapt SuperWater helps rehydrate you and has natural anti-inflammatory properties while being NSF certified. It’s a product you can trust is natural and clean, something you can drink daily without getting hooked on actual anti-inflammatory drugs. I think other athletes should add it to their daily routine as well.” 

Drake Callender

Fair Oaks, California native Drake Callender is a Major League Soccer goalie playing for the club, Inter Miami. Drake got his start playing youth soccer with Sacramento area clubs,  Cap FC and Placer United, before attending the San Jose Earthquakes Academy for youth players. From there he played for UC Berkeley’s men’s soccer team starting in 2016. In 2017, he was named to the All=Pac 12 First team and in 2019 was a Senior CLASS award finalist. . Drake made his professional debut in goal in 2021, starting for Fort Lauderdale FC. 

Why Drake is Part of Team Adapt: “When I first heard about Adapt Superwater, I immediately resonated with the brand name ‘Adapt.’ The ability to adapt is one of the building blocks that allowed me to adopt a growth mindset on my journey to becoming a professional athlete. It only got better when I met the founder, Richie Harrington, who I immediately connected with and felt that we shared a similar perspective on life and all things athletics. I realized that getting involved with Adapt is a huge opportunity to build relationships, help the brand grow, and educate the community on a product that I believe is of the utmost quality.With all the vitamins, minerals, and clean ingredients in Adapt Superwater, I know that i’m doing my body and mind a favor.”

Jason “Kip” Kipnis

Northbrook, Illinois native Jason Kipnis is a Major League Baseball second baseman who has played for the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs. As a kid, Jason started out playing Little League and American Legion Baseball, and in high school, he lettered in 3 sports – baseball, football, and soccer – but he always knew baseball was the sport he’d pursue professionally. After high school, he started his college career at the University of Kentucky but transferred to Arizona State after 2 years; there, he was an All-American and the Pac 10 Conference Player of the Year in 2009. That same year, the Cleveland Indians drafted Jason in the second round; he played in the minors for two years and was named the Indians’ Minor League Player of the Year in 2010. He made his MLB debut for Cleveland in July of 2011 and had a successful 8-year career with the team, winning 2 Player of the Week awards in 2013 and Player of the Month in 2013 and 2015 due in part to his impressive batting average, runs scored, and bases stolen.  In 2020’s shortened season, he played for the Chicago Cubs.

Why Jason is Part of Team Adapt: “Honestly, as an athlete nearing the end of his career, I started looking outside the game for solid investments. The Adapt SuperWater drinks jumped off the page to me. They’re the first of their kind. Athletes are always looking for ways to recover both mentally and physically before their next game. This drink checks both those boxes, and since there was nothing like it out there, I wanted to be a part of its rise. I wanted to help push its way into the hands of every athlete in every sport because I know when they try it, they’ll see what I did! Athletes can see the NSF certification and feel confident in what they’re putting into their bodies!”

Stay tuned for Part 2 where you’ll get to meet more of the athletes on Team Adapt!

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