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Adapt Athletes

Top-level athletes from all major sports have joined the movement, not just as athletes but as investors. See how you can change your routine and adapt your life.

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Humble Beginnings

Through relationships in sports, Adapt has built the ultimate team.

Adapt athletes come from different sports and different background, yet they share so much in common. Putting their body and mind first, and fueling themselves with only the most functional products makes them elite.

Christian Kirk


"The main thing that really intrigued me about Adapt is the fact that CBD is infused in it.  Plus, all the other ingredients that are in the product as well that I know my body responds well to is what I think attracted me to it. And it being NSF certified, I know that it’s a safe product that I don’t have to worry about. It gives me the upper hand."

Mohamed Sanu


"As an NFL athlete approaching the end of my career, I've been exploring investment opportunities beyond the game. That's when Adapt drinks caught my attention. Being the first of its kind, it's perfect for athletes like me who are always seeking ways to recover both physically and mentally before our next game."

Kyle Allen


“I believe in Richie’s vision and in the product. I think the sports drink market is crowded, but Adapt is innovative and fits a gap in our locker room. Being NSF certified is so important as an athlete, and I really believe in the benefits of hemp/CBD products to help me recover faster than the others."

Matt Polster


Coconut water and CBD are the main ingredients I look at, and that’s helped me progress as a player. I find myself sleeping better and deeper at night which ultimately is due to drinking Adapt 30 minutes before bed.”

Drake Callender


"When I first heard about Adapt Superwater, I immediately resonated with the brand name ‘Adapt.’ The ability to adapt is one of the building blocks that allowed me to adopt a growth mindset on my journey to becoming a professional athlete."

Deandre Yedlin


When I was first introduced to Adapt, I thought the taste was great. As I’ve learned more about it, I see how good it is for the body, for recovery, for me as an athlete. It was a no-brainer to use this instead of Body Armor and Gatorade products.

Jason Kipnis


"Honestly, as an athlete nearing the end of his career, I started looking outside the game for solid investments. Adapt drinks jumped off the page to me. They’re the first of their kind. Athletes are always looking for ways to recover both mentally and physically before their next game."

Tejay Antone


“I wanted to get involved with Adapt because I tried the product myself and loved it. I added it to my daily routine because I believe in the product. Adapt SuperWater helps rehydrate you and has natural anti-inflammatory properties while being NSF certified."

Connor Overton


“Adapt being the first hemp infused beverage to become NSF certified is huge. That gives me peace of mind knowing that what I put in my body is clean and healthy. I feel like Adapt is going to be the next big recovery sports drink in collegiate and professional sports."

Colton Cowell


“Adapt Brands provides me with a clean, unprocessed beverage that I can drink pre workout, post-workout, and any other time to maintain proper hydration levels throughout the day. It’s a natural beverage that gives me added benefits like boosting my immunity and helping me recover – without the added sugar."

Miles Evans


“At first, what appealed to me most about Adapt was that it was NSF-certified. That assured me that the ingredients were legit, and the quality control was there. We’re in the national testing pool, so we really have to be careful what we put in our bodies. Having a hemp product with NSF certification immediately drew me to Adapt.”

Troy Field


“I wanted to get involved with Adapt because I tried the product and loved the taste. Adapt SuperWater helps rehydrate you and has natural anti-inflammatory properties while being NSF certified. It’s a product you can trust is natural and clean, something you can drink daily without getting hooked on actual anti-inflammatory drugs."