NSF: Certified for Sport


Adapt SuperWater

The first Hemp Beverage to earn NSF: Certified for Sport

Official NSF Listing

What is NSF: Certified for Sport?

Why is NSF Certification important to you as an athlete?

"Recovering properly is a huge part of being a professional athlete. I’ve tried a ton of products out there and these drinks are at the top of that list. Add in that they’re now NSF certified, making them 100% completely safe for us athletes, putting them on a whole other playing field. No risk and all the benefits."

Matt Polster - New England Revolution

"NSF: Certified for Sport ensures me that the products I'm using are safe for me to consume. Since Adapt is now certified, I can confidently use this product and know that my safety as an athlete is the priority."

Colton Cowell - Volleyball National Champion and two-time All-American

NSF: Certified for Sport Quick Facts