Adapt x Connor Overton

Connor Overton

Connor Overton is a starting pitcher currently playing for the Cincinnati Reds. Overton grew up outside of Richmond, VA and played shortstop and served as a relief pitcher for the Atlee High School Raiders. After attending Old Dominion for college and pitching there, in 2014, Overton was drafted by the Miami Marlins and played in the minor leagues until 2021 when he made his major league debut for the Toronto Bluejays. He is currently rehabbing a stress fracture in his lower back which he sustained in May of 2022.


“Adapt being the first hemp infused beverage to become NSF certified is huge. That gives me peace of mind knowing that what I put in my body is clean and healthy. I feel like Adapt is going to be the next big recovery sports drink in collegiate and professional sports. With other sports drinks, you can really taste the sugary additives; Adapt tastes clean and natural."