DeAndre Yedlin X Adapt

    DeAndre Yedlin

    Seasoned professional soccer player and Adapt Athlete, Deandre Yedlin, will be captaining the US on defense playing right back for Team USA at FIFA’s World Cup, soccer’s premier event, which begins November 20 in Qatar.

    Why ADAPT?

    As is true with many professional athletes, Deandre is very aware and conscientious about how he fuels his body. Because he is vegan, he looks for natural, organic products.” I really care about what goes into my body. I think that’s incredibly important not just for performance, but also for my mental state and my sleep state. Diet is incredibly important. I like to say, if I wouldn’t give it to my daughter, I definitely question whether I’m going to eat something or not.” This is one of the reasons he was interested in Adapt products.